Office Fashion Hacks For Every Busy Woman

Career Girl

Office-wear fashion is a must if you aim to be the ultimate fashionista.  However, even the most fashionable women need some downtime to themselves.  This includes less time spent on any unexpected style emergencies.

The workplace is all the more enjoyable once you’ve established a routine that works for you.  We guarantee confidence in your every step. So, put your best foot or heel forward with these fashion hacks sure to accommodate even the busiest woman.

Shoes For The Sole

As tempting as it may be to wear stilettos to your office, don’t.  Despite looking like you’ve just stepped off the pages of Vogue, resist the temptation.  You may look cute, but your feet will be in pain for the majority of the day. Instead, opt for comfortable ballet flats or a heel with less height factor. Plus, if you are always running from place to place it’s best to be practical and stylish.

Store high-fashion heels under your desk for presentations/meetings or that last-minute decision to have a girls night out.

The Not-So-Basic Uniform

Setting aside a general work uniform cuts your morning routine in half. Sure this may sound crazy at first, but a few of the most powerful women today prefer the standard blazer and matching dress pants. Upgrade this office-look with colorful blouses, unique hairstyles, stylish accessories and shoe combinations. No more worrying about what to wear to work.

Remember that confidence is key, so whatever you decide, make sure you look and feel like a million bucks.  Rock this look like a boss!

Eye-Catching Essentials

When on-the-go, the last thing you want is to forget the essentials. Select your most stylish and versatile makeup bag. Try packing mini-hairspray, bobby pins, sewing kit, wallet, and makeup.  That way when you’re rushing out the door, you have everything you need in one place. Just throw it in your bag and go.  Simple and savvy, now that’s one way to slay all day.

Bonus: The bag will be small enough to store anywhere, even at your desk. Purchase another matching bag as a backup, and work the rest of the day with confidence.

Bring Your A-Game

And by ‘A-Game’ we mean accessories!

The best part about pre-planning is having what you need without the hassle. So, take it from any A-List fashionista, that accessories really do make the outfit. Instead of wondering which ones to choose from do this instead.

Assess your work week and keep a list or note for reference. For example, maybe Monday will be the day you wear that new scarf, while Tuesday is best paired with pointy-toed flats and a simple necklace. The combinations are endless.

For less stress, opt to pack any other accessories for changes in the weather (i.e hat, gloves, sunglasses, etc).  A woman can never be too prepared for anything.

Smart & Sophisticated

In case of any coffee spills, unexpected weather, or clumsiness make sure you have an extra outfit stored away. Something that won’t wrinkle easily and still looks put together. We recommend neutrals since the color will go with any shoe. And thankfully you’ll have the accessories to match.

We hope these fashion hacks helped, and if you have any other recommendations let us know in the comments!