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The Nostalgia of Disney Movies

“Ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them.” How many of you know what Disney movie that came from? Set in 1910 in Paris, the movie features an entire cast of singing, dancing cats. Sound familiar? If you guessed The Aristocats, you would be correct! This is the first Disney movie I can remember watching growing up, and it inspired my love of Disney movies and encouraged me to discover more of the magical movies Disney had to offer. To this day I still squeal in glee at the release of a new Disney movie. I also know many millennials and adults who still enjoy watching Disney movies.

Why is that? Why is it that when we watch a Disney movie, we feel so many emotions? Could it be because the movies transport us back to a simpler time, when we were all young and carefree? Is it because secretly, we were learning life’s most important lessons without even realizing it? Or is it because the movies were magical and transported us to another universe?

According to The Odyssey, here are 5 reasons why we love Disney movies so much:

  1. The movies are part of our childhood. We all grew up with Disney and Pixar. These movies made us feel comfortable and safe.
  2. The music. The songs are diverse and catchy, and you can’t help but sing along. If you hadn’t noticed yet, the newest commercials for Beats Wireless headphones is using Pinocchio’s infamous “I Got No Strings” as their theme song. You know you’re going to Google that now.
  3. Another reason we love Disney movies so much are of course, the villains. As much as we hate them, we love them that much more for their humor and wit, as well as how much they terrify us.
  4. We were all too young to remember but in each Disney movie, there was a lesson to be learned such as perhaps not judging someone based upon their looks or never being afraid to face your mistakes. Disney movies also taught us forgiveness and how to be happy.
  5. The last reason Disney movies are so popular is because they encourage and allow us to use our imagination. Did you guys just envision that scene from SpongeBob with the rainbow imagination? I did. Disney movies transport us to worlds outside our own. These worlds are magical and full of adventure, and they also exposed us to other cultures. Africa in Tarzan, the deep blue ocean in The Little Mermaid, and China in Mulan.

How many of you cried during Bambi or Inside Out? Did you feel your heart break when Simba lost his father in The Lion King? Do you ever wonder why that is? According to, there are a few reasons as to why we always cry during a Disney movie, no matter how old we are. One reason is because of the ‘babyish’ features of all Pixar characters. Supposedly these features automatically cause us to feel tender feelings. It’s like looking at a baby or a puppy.

Another reason we cry during Disney movies are because of the themes involved: youth, friendship, and the passage of time. Whether we realize it or not, Disney movies have a strong tendency to relate to the issues we have all felt at one time or another. The more closely related to our lives the movie, the more strongly we are to feel the emotions. Many Disney movies feature the loss of a loved one, something we can all relate to.

If you’re feeling nostalgic after reading this post, be sure to check out Netflix and the list of Disney movies they have available for viewing! Don’t have Netflix? Check out your local library!

What was your favorite Disney movie as a child? Do you still cry when watching Disney movies? Let us know!

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