Non-Heel Fashionable Alternatives

I can’t remember the last time I went to class in anything other than heels.

High heels are a staple to me. I throw them on when I leave my room, ready to challenge anyone or anything that comes my way. I hear them clack down the hallways as I prepare to make an entrance. I like sprinting up and down stairs in them to prove that I can be both fashionable and flexible. They’re the bread and butter of most of my iconic collection of outfits.

However, no human being on earth can wear heels all the time and not suffer a little. The truth is, heels take a heck of a toll on your feet even if you’re not on them all day. I had to face the facts: I couldn’t be fabulous while limping to class from foot pain all the time. Fortunately, heels are not the only form of footwear out there for fashion forward women like ourselves. Below are my discoveries as I delved into the world of women’s footwear

Fashion boots

To be completely honest, these are the new loves of my life. Before my footwear renaissance, I associated boots with dirty construction workers and clunky pre-pubescent rebels. A recent trip to T.J. Maxx, though, completely cleared my paradigm up. Ankle boots are great alternatives to heels–a little edgy, a little rebel without a cause, a little boho-chic, I’ve grown incredibly attached to my pair of suede ankle boots. I can scurry around all I want in them, since they have a flat sole, and they’re much wider than your average pair of heels. Boots are totally cute with a pair of leggings, too, and there’s no need to worry about a pair of matching socks. They hold up in rainy weather as well. I don’t know who I was before boots came into life, and I honestly have started to really depend on them for outfit finishers. Give boots a chance, ladies. They’re waiting for you.


I used to think these were painfully white, but recently I’ve come around to them. They’re comfortable as anything, and super easy to slip on if I need to take the dog for a walk or run to the dining hall. Unlike boots, you don’t have to lace or zip them, and they come in a wider variety of colors. I just purchased a hot pink pair myself, and they really add a pop color to outfits that I normally would have just thrown on a pair of black heels with. Don’t fall victim to going barefoot in them, though, because you’ll sweat right through that sheepskin lining. Make sure you have lots of cute socks to wear with them! I also wouldn’t recommend wearing them in wet conditions, as most of them are not waterproof. Unless you’re planning to stroll across water, I’d leave them inside on rainy days.


I would like to preface this part by saying that I too once thought that clogs were middle aged spinsters who spent their days cursing millennials and chasing small children off their lawns. Not all clogs are created equal, though. After the holidays, I managed to get my hands on a pair of metallic silver ones that put Michael Jackson to shame. One of the huge plus sides to clogs is that you can do just about anything in them, from wrangling cattle to giving an eight AM presentation. They’re relatively easy to find, and a lot of them are in neutral tones that match most outfits. The name is a little unfortunate (I mean, a clog is basically just a wad of toothpaste and hair in your bathroom drain) but other than that, they really don’t have downside.

Give your feet a break, ladies. There’s more to the world than high heels.