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New Reading Habits for 2017

Since we focus so much on “new year, new you”, why not look into some new habits? We often say that we wish we read more, but what are some ways to get started? Here are a few ideas on how to kickstart new reading habits for 2017:

Try the Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

The Read Harder Challenge is a good way to push yourself to read and to explore new genres and authors. Through categories with various authors, genres, and page limits, this challenge pushes you to read and read a lot. It’s a fun way to keep track of all the things you read while also challenging yourself to branch out more.

Set Up a GoodReads Account

GoodReads is a website for and by avid readers. It’s a means of interacting with fellow readers to get insight and suggestions as well as showcasing your own interests. One good idea to stimulate more reading is to create a list of all the books you’d like to read throughout the new year. Check them off one-by-one, rate them for other users, and discuss how you enjoyed them! It’s a way to personalize your own reading challenge.

Check Out A Barnes and Noble

Though it seems obvious to go to a bookstore, a nice aspect of Barnes and Noble is that they include staff recommendations in every section. If you know the genre you enjoy but don’t know where to start, try simply going to your local Barnes and Noble to see what the employees suggest.

Try the #BustleReads Challenge

What’s unique about this challenge is that it includes multiple female writers and writers of color. Women and writers of color are oftentimes overlooked in terms of literary challenges and classes, but they make up a large portion of the literary world! I too admit that I haven’t read as many diverse authors as I’d like, so I think that this challenge is highly interesting.

It’s difficult to find the time to read, so why not make it a priority? Add it to your list of New Years Resolutions. These challenges are fun ways to get your reading groove back, and just in time for a new start.

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