Network at an Event Like a Pro

Whether we’re introverts or extroverts, networking is inevitable as it’s something we have to do to make connections. Honestly, it’s not as easy as it seems especially if we’re not familiar with how to approach professionals. Here are some tips on how to network like you’ve been doing it for years.

Go With A Friend

Going to an event by yourself can be intimidating and it’s not the most appealing thing to be staring at your phone. Take a friend that’s good at socializing and have them help you scope out some people to mingle with. Showing up accompanied gives you more opportunities to create a group conversation which is a plus at a networking event.

Dress The Part

Wearing the right kind of outfit can make you stand out while still fitting in. If you’re going to a specific designer’s after party or release party, wear a piece from their collection to show your dedication to the brand. It’s flattering when a designer sees their guests wearing their clothing and accessories. If worn in a chic way you can even get yourself into magazine articles, websites, and blogs. Make sure to get the names of the people that snap your shots and connect with them on social media to keep in touch.

Take A Camera

Everyone loves taking pictures, especially when they’re dressed in their best attire. Taking photos with people can not only get your name out there, but can make you someone they might contact in the future. So, make sure to get yourself in a shot with the people you’re mingling with.

Create A Business Card

A business card is an essential when going to a networking event. Even though everyone looks like they’re partying, you have to remind yourself that you are there for business. When you start talking and getting to know people, end the conversation by giving them your business card. You never know! One day you might get a call from that editor that now needs your help with a project. Make a couple of stacks of professional business cards in advance and keep a few in your clutch. It will come in handy.

Have Fun

Making connections and showing your support is the main goal, but it’s good to let loose and have a good time. People aren’t going to want to talk to someone who looks like they’re looking for people to make deals with. So spend a little extra time at the snack bar, grab a glass of champagne, and dance a little bit. People will approach you, and what started off as an ice breaker about lemon tartes can turn into a conversation about your career.

Let us know about some things you like to do at an event to help you network like a pro below!