Necessities to Make Galentine’s Day Great

Valentine’s Day can be rough if you’re not in a perfect relationship. If you’re alone, you end up feeling more alone. If you’re not in the best relationship, you just end up angry. However, it’s time to push both of those feelings out of the way. If you want to celebrate this year the way it should always be celebrated, then it’s time for Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day: a night with friends, laughs, and plenty of classics. Discover all of your necessities for the Galentine’s Day of your dreams.

Junk Food

Slutty Brownies

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Forget about your diet and your goal weight, and just gorge with your best girlfriends. Whether you choose to order a pizza with cheese-stuffed crust, or make yourself a batch of slutty brownies (brownie mix + cookie dough + oreos), or both, you need to be prepared for a night of excess. This is the one time a year where it is acceptable to just get chocolate-wasted with your friends.

Valentine’s Day can be hard – maybe you’re alone or maybe you’re with someone that doesn’t know how to actually celebrate the holiday. Regardless of your reasoning, your best friends are the people who have been there for you since day one; show your appreciation. Preheat that oven, order that pizza, and have a fun Galentine’s Day!

Alcoholic Beverages


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If you’re already planning on being chocolate-wasted, you might as well get a little tipsy. Whether your beverage of choice is a nice glass of wine, or a exotic pina colada, it’s time to crack open the bottle and relax. Your drink will be the perfect complement to the pizza and chocolate you’re already eating.

Keep it safe, of course. Plan to either sober up or stay the night (preferable option for Galentine’s Day), but let loose just enough so that you’re enjoying yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to finally put your feet up.

Romantic Comedies

Rom Coms

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Junk food? Check. Booze? Check. Now, all you need is a sappy movie that will make you cry. Whether you’re watching You’ve Got Mail, My Best Friend’s Wedding, or 27 Dresses, you are destined to have a great time with your friends.

Now, it’s perfectly acceptable to choose a different movie genre if you’re not interested in a good cry. A scary horror movie is always perfect for Galentine’s Day – you’ll bring out your inner warriors, and your inner chickens.



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Of course, this night wouldn’t be complete without your girlfriends. Forget throwing yourselves a pity party. Throw yourselves a women empowerment party; drink what you want and eat what you want. Watch a classic girl power movie, like League of Their Own or Legally Blonde. You can even have a dance party or a bake off, whatever floats your boat.

It is finally time for you to begin planning a Galentine’s Day your friends and you will always remember. Stock up on the goodies, rent some movies, and allow yourselves to relax with the best significant others in your lives: each other.

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