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Natural Ways to Get Sleep

We’ve all been there; the point where we aren’t getting enough sleep and it begins to affect our daily lives. Of course, there are pills you can take to help you sleep better but the side effects, sometimes, make things worse. So what are some natural ways to get better sleep?
Over the course of my college career, I looked into different ways to get better sleep and found some things that I was doing wrong. I tried some of them out and most worked for me while others did not. Keep in mind that everyone is different and one thing that will work for one person might not work for another. God made us unique and following certain rules won’t guarantee you better sleep.
1. Keep a sleep schedule. If you keep a schedule, your body adapts to the exact time you go to sleep and wake up. It allows your body to know when it can go into REM sleep and you can stay in that stage longer.
2. Shut all electronics off at least an hour before you go to sleep. When you look at your phone, checking Facebook or emails, or even watch movies before bed, your mind doesn’t have time to unwind and take a break before you force yourself to go to sleep. If you shut off all electronic items before you go to sleep, it allows your mind to relax before telling it to sleep.
3. Don’t eat anything right before bed. If you’ve ever seen the movie Gremlins, you will know kind of what your body looks like if you eat right before bed. For those of you who have not seen the movie, the little creatures turn into an angry, crazed, evil creature. In a way, that is what happens when you eat before bed. Your body has to have time to digest the food you put into your body and if you don’t allow it enough time, it tries to do so while you are sleeping. This also disrupts the sleep pattern that your body tries to maintain.
4. Pray! Some spiritual battles are fought while you sleep. The enemy tries to take control at every time of the day. He can play with your dreams and as we all know, nightmares disrupt our sleep as well. Before you go to bed, pray about everything. God is always listening!
Like I’ve said before, all these might work for you and they might not work. The one that will for sure work is obviously, prayer. However, you should try each one and see what works best for you. Sleep is important and the amount of sleep you lose affects your daily life. Don’t lose any more sleep.

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