Natural Ways to Fight Off the Common Cold

It is that time of year again. People are coughing and blowing their runny noses everywhere you look. Germs are circulating from one person to the next, and you are bound to catch that annoying common cold.

Some of us cannot afford to take off any more days for work or school to nurse a cold. So, how can you get better as soon as possible? Better yet, how can you prevent yourself from catching that frustrating sickness? Below is a list of tips I utilize to stay healthy, even during the winter months.

What is the Common Cold?

With more than 3 million cases per year in the United States, the common cold is, well, pretty common. It spreads easily and is usually harmless. Symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, a sore throat, and congestion. It spreads by skin-to-skin contact, saliva, and contaminated surfaces. No wonder it is so common! The best way to avoid catching the pesky common cold is to keep your immune system working to the best of its ability. Below are seven natural ways fight off the common cold.


Rest is extremely important when it comes to your health. Getting adequate sleep each night keeps your immune system up. If you have already caught the cold, sleep is your best bet. It allows your body to use its energy to fight the cold. Your body is hard at work. The more you rest, the sooner you will get better. So, sleep, sleep, and sleep some more.


Take a ginger shot or even eat a piece of ginger to strengthen your immune system. You can even drink ginger tea or buy it in supplement form. Ginger also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.


During the months you are more prone to catching a common cold, drink plenty water. Avoid alcohol, soda, and caffeine, as it dehydrates you. When you drink enough water, the fluids will help with mucus and break down congestion.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital to staying healthy and avoiding catching a common cold. It supports great immune system function and will kick your immune system into gear. When everyone around you seems to be getting sick, take Vitamin C tablets to avoid catching the sickness.


Known for its powerful germ-killing abilities, eating garlic to avoid catching a common cold or to recover quickly from it is a wise idea. Along with this, it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Chicken Noodle Soup

If you have caught the pesky cold, it turns out grandma was right after all. Eat chicken noodle soup to help soothe the symptoms. Chicken noodle soup can actually sooth some of the inflammation in your body when you are sick.

Hot Liquids

Sipping on hot liquids is another natural remedy to help ease cold symptoms. It helps with congestion and helps keep you hydrated. Plus, it even calms the inflamed membranes that line your throat and nose.

Let’s all try to avoid catching the irritating common cold this year, and use the tips above. What are some tips you have to share?