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Why Moving to a City is Beneficial to Introverts

You know the typical picture of city life: fast-paced, stress-inducing, crowded; what’s beneficial about that? Furthermore, why is it¬†beneficial for introverted people? You might not realize, but moving to a big city can have a very positive effect on less social individuals. Whether for a new job or a glamorous change of scenery, here are some ways that moving to a big city can be a positive change for introverts:

It Encourages A More Active Lifestyle

Physical exercise is possible anywhere, certainly, but it’s far more prevalent in the major cities. Cars are a hassle and often way too expensive to have in a city. Therefore, you do more walking by default. Sometimes the cheapest and easiest way to get somewhere is by walking from one point to the next, and you think nothing of it. While public transportation is available, getting to those points also involves a decent bit of walking. Exercise is one small way to make yourself feel eons better, step by step.

It Allows for Anonymity

You are whoever you want to be in a city. Rather than living in a small town where everyone knows your parents, where you went to school, etc.a bizarre, you are a small part of a big community in cities. You can be as loud and expressive or as withdrawn as you need to be. Furthermore, a strange comfort in being in a place where nobody has a preconceived notion of you. Start yourself anew in a big city.

It Offers Easy Access to the Arts

For those artistically inclined introverts, cities are a big plus for creativity. Between housing several museums and galleries and offering the potential for various art and musical courses, cities have a lot for artists. You can find whatever artistic branch you align with and nurture it.

It Demands Independence

Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to make several important decisions for and by yourself. This is a good thing, though. Over time, you’ll gain a great deal of confidence and learn how to trust in yourself.

There are drawbacks to living in a city, especially for introverts with mental illnesses. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and anxious among crowds and the pacing may cause stress. However, despite what sitcoms will sell to you, it’s not all terrible subway rides and losing your phone in a taxi; there are many ways that city life can help you improve upon yourself. If you’re thinking of taking the leap, you’re already halfway there. The city of your dreams is waiting for you, whoever you want to be.

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