Movie Theater Hacks

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Going to the movie theater can be a great experience for a date night, a family trip, or even a lone trip to watch a new movie without any distractions. However, the crowds and prices can turn what could be a pleasant trip into a financial and claustrophobic nightmare. Being that theaters do not make much money off ticket sales, profits to keep the doors open must come from concession sales. While it makes good business sense to markup the prices of snacks and soda, these prices can make a trip to the movies a financial burden.

Furthermore, crowds can become a bit of a problem for those who do not like small spaces. Finding yourself at the theater during a rush can be a bit overwhelming, lead to poor seating options, and spoil the trip. However, there are some tips that can make a potential theater disaster into a great experience.

Theatre crowd

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When considering potential issues when going to see a movie, timing is everything. Movie theaters are busiest in the evening and the crowds can easily be avoided by catching a matinee. Showing up to the theater early in the day will allow you to view your movie in a less crowded theater and get the best seats. In addition, to make things better, movie tickets are cheaper during the daytime. However, if you insist on seeing a new movie the evening it opens, arriving early is necessary. Showing up early will place you at the front of the line, allowing you to select good seats and avoid fighting for space in the concession lines. You may not be able to avoid the crowd all together, but you can at least beat them to the theater.

As mentioned above, choosing good seats is more important than people realize. Not only do most theaters have at least a handful of broken seats, the sound quality can be affected by your placement in the theater. The sound system in movie theaters is designed to sound best about 2/3 of the way back and in the center of the theater. Finding a seat that is not falling apart and places you in a location with the best sound quality can make all of the difference.

Theatre seats

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Now, it may seems like a trip to the local movie theater may seems like more trouble than it is worth, there is something special about watching a movie with a crowd of spectators. We have reached a time in which most people prefer to wait until they can watch their movies at home. However, there is a certain charm in watching a movie in a theater setting. That feeling of being in an actual theater somehow makes all of the inconveniences and strategy worth it.