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Navigating Motherhood as a Career Woman

In this day and age, it is so hard for a woman to decide between having a career and family. The choice is undeniable for some women, where others may ponder how to mesh the two. Dividing yourself between family and work is a never-ending battle, but even more rewarding. Here are some key ideas to consider when figuring out how to manage a career and tend to your family.

Remain Focused

Keep your mind focused on what you really want out of life and what you are trying to accomplish; this can be a very spiritual and overwhelming activity. The goal is to understand how your current life can and inevitably will affect your future life. If maintaining your career during child rearing is your ultimate goal, then consider why. What does your career give you? Discovering your why will always give you strength in those weakest moments when you feel like giving up.

Stay Present

It is important to remain active and current in your industry, but it is also detrimental to your sanity to stay in the present moment(s). It is easy to get indulged in all of life’s pressures especially working while raising little ones. It is so important to fight against getting lost in the “to-dos” and the “deadlines” at all costs. As a mother, your child is obviously the most important to you, but deciding to obtain a career can mean that you may miss moments you will never get back. It is okay to miss a few, but relish the ones you can! Don’t take time for granted and always be productive, but always remember those squishy cheeks waiting so anxiously to snuggle.

Say No

Another component of navigating your career while being a mother is to learn to say no. You can’t and shouldn’t help everyone. There is a fine line between being kind and stretching yourself too thin. No one will benefit if you are spread out as thin as pastry dough. It is important to decide how any activity or how helping someone benefits you as a person and your life as a whole. If you don’t feel like volunteering to bake fresh pastries for your son’s school bake sale that is in two days, then don’t! There will always be someone to pick up the slack, and perhaps next year you can volunteer since you are already aware of the timeframe.

Be Caring to Yourself

Navigating your career as a woman is hard without the duties as a mother. However, when doing both simultaneously you may feel the most fulfilled. Some women decide they want one or the other, and that is entirely an individual choice. For the women who decide they want the best of both worlds just remember to be caring to yourself. The world can be a hasty and judging place, so don’t let your mind be your worst enemy. Be careful with your thoughts, desires, goals, and mostly importantly your time!

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