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Mocktails For Under Age Or Pregnant Individuals

There is nothing worse than going to a party, surrounded by beer, wine, and all sorts of liquor bottles. Your friends are all enjoying themselves by pouring another drink but unfortunately, you can’t partake. Trying to immerse yourself in the fun without a drink in hand, can make you feel left out or uncomfortable. Sometimes a soda just won’t do the trick to get you in the party spirit. But don’t just ask for a virgin drink, bring your own with all your favorite flavors. Recreate your go-to drink anyway you want while you’re with friends. Next time, whether you’re underage, pregnant, or don’t want to endure a hangover the next morning, give your taste buds something to be happy about with these creative mocktails.


This is a classic party and brunch pick. It’s easy enough to recreate using non-alcoholic beverages too. Replace that champagne with sparkling apple cider. It’ll have that same bubbly kick that will tickle your nose, but will be safe if you can’t drink this season. If orange juice is too boring, add a splash of grenadine or even use cranberry juice instead. Add a garnish around the rim and you’ll fit right in with everyone else.


If you want to indulge in your minty side with some friends, mix up this delicious mocktail. Keep all the ingredients that make up a mojito, but keep the alcohol out of your glass. Use 7-Up for a carbonated taste to go along with your mint leaves, lime, and choice of fruit. Even try to share with your friends when they’ve decided that they’ve had enough to drink.

Moscow Mule

This is a newly popular drink. For a creative mocktail of this fun drink, make an Apple Pie Moscow Mule. Use apple cider, ginger beer, and sparkling apple juice. Ginger beer is non alcoholic so don’t worry about that. If this is too sweet of a drink for you, add a couple squirts of lime to it. This will balance out the sweetness of the apples so the sugar won’t make you feel sick after a few of these if you so choose. Don’t forget to pour this delicious drink into the classic Moscow Mule cups!


While this mocktail doesn’t seem exciting it will taste as delicious as sangria. It’s perfect to take to an intimate gathering or a dinner with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Use apple juice concentrate, grape juice, and either sparkling water or club soda. Add some cranberries, apple slices, or raspberries to this mocktail sangria so add that refreshing fruity taste that sangria always has.

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is a hit at every party it’s served at. It always goes fast and everyone loves the taste. If you’re hosting a party and want to serve something that everyone will enjoy that isn’t full of alcohol, try this fun idea for jungle juice mocktails. Try using the liquid gallon Tropical Punch Kool-Aid with the orange flavor Kool-Aid packet. Add your favorite frozen fruit for garnish in your glass and ice to chill it and you’re ready to sever your mocktail Jungle Juice!

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