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Mental Health: Learning How Detox Your Thoughts

We’ve seen a major increase in attention to physical health recently. There’s been a plethora of diets, workouts, and exercise equipment. Now it’s perfectly normal to sit around a table in Panera, eating kale salads and talking about workout routines and our gluten free, carb free, vegan diet. I’m not knocking people who ascribe to these diets or value physical health; I’m just saying that we need start focusing on mental health as well. Here are some ways that we can detox our thoughts and improve our mental health.

Take Note

First, take note of your thoughts. What are you thinking about? If you find that a particular thought keeps recurring throughout the day write it down; even if the thought seems unimportant. Maybe you keep thinking about the fact that you have to make dinner when you get home from work. Seems harmless and random, right? Next, try to figure out what’s the motivating factor behind it.

Are you stressed because you feel like all the responsibilities fall on your shoulders? Do you feel like you have to impress everyone by creating the perfect dinner? As you discover the hidden factors behind your thoughts, you can deal with them directly. Your thoughts can determine if your schedule is overloaded and you need to adjust or if you’ve believed something negative about yourself.


Your mental health requires more than just knowing what’s going on in your mind. It requires a counteraction. If you find that you have insecurities about your capabilities, you need to counteract that. Not only do you need to be counteractive, but you also need to be proactive. Write out some affirmations you can speak each day. I am capable. I am good enough. Everything that comes my way today is something I can handle. As you stop enforcing the negative and start to speak the positive ones, your mind will follow suite, and you’ll start to believe positive things about yourself and the world around you.

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