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Mental Health Benefits of Keeping a Journal

I never liked journaling until very recently. During a bout of depression, I took to writing as a means of coping. I journaled on a daily basis and it was a great way to release unwanted and unexpressed feelings. Keeping a journal can help in plenty of ways, especially when you want to keep your mental health in check. Here are some examples of how journaling can be beneficial:

It Helps You Prioritize Goals

Everyone has something that they want to achieve. Setting small, everyday goals and writing about what you did to achieve them lifts your spirit more than you might realize. It can be anything, from getting dressed and going out to socializing to working on a personal project. If you didn’t achieve your goals for that day, write about what held you back. Review your writing later and see what you can do to improve yourself next time.

It Helps You Recognize Your Worries & Concerns

Writing every day and exploring what upset you can help you spot potential patterns. This will help you to understand what sorts of things you’re worried about. From there, you will be able to understand what you can do to prevent these things from happening or how you can combat them.

It’s Private

For me, this was always the most important. It’s difficult to admit when you’re going through a rough patch, and often times you don’t want to “bother” anyone with your troubles, even if you know they wouldn’t mind. Arguably the best part about a journal is that it’s yours to do whatever you want with. Do you feel like you want to express yourself but you can’t articulate it? Just start writing, even if it’s gibberish or a long rant. Do you have feelings that are negative or that you don’t want someone to know about? Here is the perfect solution. Journaling is a way to vent without anyone having to hear.

In conclusion, I will say this: not every mental strife or affliction will be healed by journaling. Some may find that they don’t like journaling at all. For me, however, it was a way to organize the chaos in my head. It helped me to understand my illness, my fears, and my desires through daily revelations. I highly recommend that if you need an outlet for everyday life, start with writing it down in a space where you’re comfortable. You may find yourself feeling worlds better and slowly but surely, you’ll come to understand and forgive yourself.

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