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Men’s Hairstyles: Shaved

Over the past few months, you might have noticed your favorite male celebrities are coming out with completely shaved heads. The man-buns, undercuts, and in-between hairstyles are gone. There are various levels of this, from razor shaved to buzzed or described as Adam Levine who completely razor shaved his head to Trevor Noah who rocks a low cut.

It is odd that this shaved look is now popular, given that it has normally been a summer-only look. However, that is how fashion trends work; they do not always make sense.

This is not the first time we have seen celebrities shaving their heads. Not only is it completely practical but it also does provide a sense of personality. The shaved head look does give off a rocker attitude, even if you are not trying. In addition, if you are balding it is recommended to commit to going completely shaved.

Since it is the new trend, here are some benefits:

  • Easy maintenance
  • No more hair product- we all know how cumbersome the undercut was
  • Would become the simplest part of your morning routine
  • If you are balding it is truly recommended to make you look/feel younger
  • Will not have to worry about hat hair come winter hat season

Some things to consider before shaving/buzzing:

  • It will grow back, but will take some time
  • People might worry about you after such a drastic change
  • If you live in a cold climate, you will have to purchase some winter hats for the upcoming months
  • If you have a lot scars on your head. Not everyone has a flattering shaved head

Like all fashion trends, this one might not gain major traction. So far, it does seem to be growing. Either way, trends come and go so why not try it.

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