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Managing Your Money

Money is important in this world. It is how we live. So, when the opportunity for someone to make more money comes up, people will jump at that chance. Any chance we can get to make life happier makes us crave the one thing we all believe will do that. But what does God say about money?

Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness. Ecclesiastes 5:10 NIV

Living paycheck-to-paycheck doesn’t make for an easy life but loving money will not bring happiness either.¬†Sometimes it seems like the money problems of our lives will never go away. Over the past five years, I have learned some tips for managing money.

  1. Make a spreadsheet with all of your bills. I write down when each one is due and how much I owe for that payment. When I get my paycheck, I pay the bills I have due before I will receive another paycheck. Once I am finished paying them, I highlight that bill so I know it is taken care of.
  2. Set aside some “fun money” for your family. Life doesn’t have to be about work and bills. Set aside 100.00 of whatever you are able to afford to do something fun. Maybe you go see a movie or go out to dinner. Just do something fun to lighten up your life.
  3. So you owe debt? So do I. There are lots of people who have student loans or credit card debt. The important thing is to pay it off and not go into more debt. Start with the smallest bill. Pay a little more than you normally would and then, once that one is paid off, move on to the next one.
Owe nothing to anyone- except for your obligation to love one another. Romans 13:8 NIV
Just remember that managing your money doesn’t always have to be a stressful thing. Keep at your bills and get into a process that helps you work towards a goal.
Don’t love money; be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.” Hebrews 13:5 NIV

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