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Making the Transition to the Real World

School life and the real world are two very different things. Sure, you might be a part of the real world during college by keeping a job or living off campus; but once you fully emerge in the real world, school life sounds pretty nice. All through college, I worked to earn extra money during summer time. When I graduated, I realized that there was a lot more to go through from school than I thought. Here are some tips for transitioning to the real world.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Papers

Although you might treasure that A+ from the class you hated, in the end it is just going to take up more room than you really need. I did keep a lot of papers from college but I kept my creative writing ones only. If you got your degree in science or psychology, there might be a lot of papers that you could use or reference in the future. If most of that information is located in one of your textbooks, keep that book. The classes that you will never deal with again get rid of all that junk. If you hated the class so much, burn the papers in a bonfire to symbolize your accomplishment. If you have old books, try selling them back to a bookstore or online. You might not make a lot of money out of them, but it might give you a little extra spending money.

Know What Real World Things You Will Need To Start Doing

For example, if you are still on your parent’s health insurance or car insurance, you should look into getting on your own. I found out that both health and car insurance would not cover me once I reached the age of 26. Yours might be different, but it is good to find that stuff out now than at the last minute.

Set A Goal For Yourself

If you want to be in your own place, set a year goal to save money for first and last month’s rent or if you want to buy a new car, look into what it will take in order to get your old one sold and a new one in your grasp.

A Strong Job Will Take You Far

I’m not saying that you have to immediately find that dream job that you are using your degree with, because trust me, it takes longer than you think. Look in to a full time job versus a part time job. A full time job will help with those health benefits and personal goals.

No matter what you do after college, remember that God’s timing is better than your own. It is easy to get carried away with the idea that the real world is the key to all your happiness, but our timing is never the best way. Be patient on the Lord and in all things you do, pray.

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