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Why We Need To Make Peace With Our Hearts & Move On

What doesn’t kill you will make you sick. Sometimes we just need to let go. We need to stop holding ourselves accountable for things, stressing over what we cannot change, and holding on to broken hearts that probably will never be mended by the same love.

The hard part is that no one can make us do it. People can talk to us, give us advice, and listen to us, but at the end of the day it will be us who decides the outcome of it all. That is why it is said, “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” We need to find that strength within ourselves.

How To Find Strength & Peace

Finding strength and peace doesn’t come from people listening to us talk. It doesn’t come from receiving advice from anyone. It comes from talking to ourselves and always asking ourselves questions. Sounds a little crazy, right? Just going around talking to ourselves. When we ask ourselves a question about ourselves, we have the answer. We don’t have to wander far for it.

Mending A Broken Heart

Are you holding onto a broken heart? One of the worst feelings is loss of love. Sometimes we put everything into someone and receive nothing in return; at times we get cheated on. Some of us aren’t a first choice in being loved. Sometimes we have to watch the person we love, love someone else. Many of us invest years into relationships and marriages only to be left with dismay in our hearts.

Were you not someone’s first choice? Ask yourself, “Why would I wait for someone who didn’t choose me?” We are unique and we should never settle for second place. Wasting love on someone who isn’t giving you love is not ok. We need to ask ourselves questions. We need to answer those questions with the actions we see and not the words we hear.

What You Can & Cannot Change

If there is something that we did or did not do in the past, we have two options. If we are in no way, shape, or form able to change it, we need to accept it. The other option is if we are able to change it. We need to do our best to make things right; if it’s possible. Sometimes it means accepting our faults or being the bigger person. Anything there after our attempt to turn things around is out of our hands.

At times we carry weight of stress on our backs of things we can and cannot change. The things that we cannot change are things that are out of our control. They are merely thoughts running through our minds. What can we do about it? Nothing. It is not in our hands to change. We have done everything we could or can. We must now wait or move on. The thoughts will not change the outcome.

Making Changes In Your Life

We can take stress away and make changes in our lives by “doing”. Sometimes results take time. Don’t stress, do. Time won’t speed up. Being active and “doing” will get us results. Sometimes we need to let go of things. If we don’t there will be no improvement or room for advancement. Take a deep breath and let go. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

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