Making The Best Of A Long Distance Relationship During The Holidays

Relationships, whether new or long-term, aren’t easy to navigate. Between figuring out times to see each side of the family and the best gifts to give, the holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. A long distance relationship during the holidays is an entirely different playing field. This kind of relationship can be very rewarding in the end. But on any given day, it can also be frustrating and hard to handle. For a couple of years now, I’ve been in a long distance relationship.  Although there are plenty of days I still get sad about being so far away from him, we’ve found ways to ease the sadness. I am very familiar with the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship during the holidays.  If you find yourself in this same situation, here are a few ways that make being away from your significant other during the holidays easier to manage.

Surrounded By Family

I make it a point to see my boyfriend’s family as often as I can. Since we’ve been together for a few years, it’s important that I see them, regardless of if he’s home or not during the holidays. Being with his family makes me feel closer and more connected to him since they are very special to him. It’s easy to feel alone during the holidays when you see couples everywhere you go. If you set aside time to see their family to exchange gifts and share a meal, it helps remind you that you’re not alone. While the relationship you share with your significant other is very different from their family’s, you all have something in common; you miss them dearly. Wallowing in their absence isn’t healthy. Instead, celebrate the fact that you have twice the family to be with during the holidays.

Virtual Dates

One of my favorite things to do is get on Skype and go on a ‘virtual date’. Most of the time, between my schedule and my boyfriend’s, it’s hard to find the time to do this. During the holidays, I set aside extra time every week to spend an evening in front of my computer screen chatting and spending time with him. While I am unable to hold his hand or sit next to him, seeing his face and having a good laugh is well worth it. On Christmas Eve this year, try to find the time to get on Skype and open gifts together. That way, even though you can’t physically embrace them for the gifts, you can still see their reaction and make the holidays feel as normal as possible. Long-distance doesn’t mean that every tradition has to come to a stop; just start a new tradition.

Sending Some Love

Traveling is expensive during the holidays so if that isn’t an option for you, send them something special in the mail. This is such a fun way to remind the one you love that they’re on your mind. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Each week, send something special to them in the mail. It may seem like an ordinary letter but, to your significant other, it’ll be a huge gesture of affection. In the past, I’ve sent a Love Book to my boyfriend. I filled it with silly memories of us to remind him that I’m thinking of him, especially during the holidays. You’re not the only one that feels alone; your significant other feels that loss as well. I’m lucky enough to still have my family living close to me to help fill that hole but he is not. A small gift each week during the holidays will lift their spirit when being with family isn’t an option.

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