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How To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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When looking for a house or apartment, what are some of the things on your must have list? After living in apartments and small houses for the last four years, a large kitchen is an absolute must have. However, if you can’t find a house or apartment that has a large enough kitchen to suit your needs and instead find yourself with a smaller kitchen, here are some ways that you can make it look and feel bigger.

Change Up the Paint Color

One of the ways to do this is by creating small splashes of color throughout your kitchen. Keep it simple. Try painting your island (if you have one) a bright color that contrasts with the rest of the room. If you have open cabinets, try painting the inside a bright color. Or, paint your kitchen an entirely new color. Choose shades that are light and reflect light. Check out these fantastic color ideas from House Beautiful.

Consolidate Your Counter Space

Keep your cooking spaces together such as your microwave and oven (experts suggest a built in microwave to conserve space). Based on personal experience, I would not recommend having a built in microwave over your oven. Also keeping your small appliances (such as can openers, blenders, mixers, etc.) stored elsewhere will keep your counters clean and clutter free. Only bring those appliances out when you really need them. Take a look at these space saving ideas from

Change Up Your Cabinets

Feeling like your cabinets might have something to do with your kitchen feels small? Try a lighter color instead. If your cabinets are in good shape but you don’t like the color, try painting them a lighter color instead. You can also take the doors off and have an open look, or you can install glass pane doors instead. If you have small children or pets and want to have glass cabinet doors, be sure to put the glass on the upper cabinets.

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be functional. By making small changes, you can learn to love your small kitchen.

Do you have a small kitchen? How do you conserve space and make it functional while also feeling bigger?

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