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Maintaining Your Faith in God & Remaining A Strong Christian While Having A Busy Life

Within our lives, we tend to get caught up in the day-to-day grind involving our normal routine of working, raising our families, going to school, getting our groceries, and even driving through traffic, to name a few things. When we wake up in the morning, we may be so focused on getting things done that we forget who woke us up that morning. Therefore, we need to remember to maintain your faith in God no matter what may occur within our lives.

There will always be more things for us to do, and more tasks that we want to accomplish. However, what remains unchanging is God’s unwavering love for us that also resides within us. We must remember to nurture the relationship that we have with God not only for ourselves but others. We can become an example, a beacon of light and hope for others to follow. Being able to see God’s love through our lives can provide meaning to us and to others who can witness it.

For us to remain a strong Christian despite the chaos our lives may throw at us daily, we must first begin to thank God for waking us up in the morning. Gratitude is the first step. Throughout our day, we should continually be in dialog with God, speaking to him as though He is our friend (which, of course, He is). We must remember to do activities that move us, which can be our ministry for God. If you enjoy playing music or singing, then continue to do so. Write poetry about how grateful you are that God has been in your life. We must continuously remember to exhibit love and kindness towards others as God as showed us (difficult though this can be at times!). Meditation, exercise, cooking, photography – any activity that you enjoy that helps you to grow closer to God should be continuously a part of your life as often as possible. Activities that bring you joy help you to connect more to God and to exhibit His love through your abilities further.

It is also important to grow in God’s word by reading the Bible, engaging in Bible study, and going to church. Although going to church can be difficult, especially if you have to work on Sundays or have other engagements that day, try as often as possible to do tasks that help you grow in knowledge and closeness to God. Speaking to others at Bible study or church can also be beneficial for fellowship. Continue to read the Bible and focus on passages that move you. These can help you to stay encouraged during difficult times or may even further motivate you to achieve what you believe may not be possible. Remember, with God anything is possible.

Even having online Bible study discussions and testimonies about what God has done within your life can help to foster community involvement towards God and continuing your ministry and message. Think about what it is that God has called you to do within this world, and then do it! Your calling is a part of your message, love, testimony, and faith. Life is too short. God wants us to love life, and to live life to its fullest capacity while being He is fully a part of it. Therefore, being your complete and most authentic self while engaging with God can help to ensure that you continue to grow in and foster your faith in God as well as help others to do the same.

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