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How to Lose Baby Weight Post-Delivery

The biggest challenge for a woman is to lose weight post-delivery. Women tend to gain baby weight during pregnancy, and it is not an easy job to shed those oodles of weight. We often see celebrities making so many babies yet staying fit and sexy all the time. Oh how much we envy them. How do they manage to look so hot after childbirth? That’s because there is a lot of hard work that goes in which we do not know. Strict diet and exercise are paramount if one wants to get into good shape again. I know it’s hard initially as you have gone through delivery or a C-section and you still must be breastfeeding, but you can always wait for six months after the delivery so that everything is healed by that time.

Start it Today

Also always remember to never go on a crash diet. It is not healthy for your body. It could result in you gaining more weight in the later years. Try to replace your unhealthy diet with nutritious food that could make you look fit and make your face glow. What is important here is to look healthy and young.

Working out is essential. It’s okay if you do not have time to join a gym or do an aerobics class; I know with the baby and everything, it is a little difficult to get that extra time to workout. Do not worry. You can do simple exercises at home like squats, crunches, sit-ups or stretch. This will make your body flexible as your body tends to become a little stiff after the baby birth. The best exercise that you can do right now is walking. Put your baby in a pram or a stroller and take him or her for a walk in a park or near your home. Walking seems easy but trust me it is one of the best exercises. Besides, walking and enjoying the nature will refresh your mind and help you to relieve from all the post-delivery stress.

Tips From the Mommy Herself

Simple little things could make a difference. You do not have to make a lot of efforts. But simple walking or jogging once in a while or doing the above simple exercises could prove effective in the long run. Other simple tips that you could follow staying at home are:

  • Drink as much water as possible. Keep yourself hydrated always. This could help you shed that extra fat and improve the quality of your hair and skin.
  • Take stairs instead of an elevator if possible.
  • There are simple yoga exercises too that you could do like breathe in and breathe out, hand and facial exercises. A lot of books and DVD’s are available in the market, and you could perform these exercises at home. You just need a yoga mat and open space to do yoga.
  • Try to cut down on sweets, fried, junk and unhealthy food; if possible avoid them.
  • Eat a bowl of salad or fruits or fresh fruit juice whenever you are hungry.
  • Include a lot of veggies and nuts in your diet.
  • Try to cut down on the quantity of caffeine as it is not good if you are breastfeeding.
  • Try to walk a small distance if possible rather than going in the car.
  • Every morning and before going to bed, drink a glass of aloe vera juice with a few drops of honey and lemon and bits of ginger. See the result after six months on your own.
  • You love dancing. Well, you could do again. Turn on your favorite music and sway your body and move your feet. It is also one kind of an exercise.
  • Summer is here! Here is the time to splash in the pool. Members of your family or friends are going to take a dip in a pool; you can join them too.
  • Try to spend some self-time. This is very important and what all the mothers need. Mothers need some alone time to think, reflect or take rest. You need to do this once in a while as you need to think about the baby’s future and also get some time for yourself to have a clear positive mind and have a lovely time. If possible, put your child in a daycare once in a while or at your relatives’ or friends’ place. You can also hire a babysitter who could look after your child while you could go out with your friends; watch a movie, go out and shop or read a book. These things act as a stress buster, and you should try it once or twice a week at least because every mother needs a break.

I hope you can follow these simple little things in your day to day life as it doesn’t require much to do and will help you to get back in shape again. But before doing any strenuous physical exercise, it is always the best to consult your doctor or a lactation expert, and if you are allergic to any particular food.

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