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Why You Should Look For These Non-Physical Qualities In Your Partner

Beauty is only skin deep. The person we find attractive or hookup with is not always the same person we would want to date. Sometimes we are initially attracted to a person that we later discover is opposite of what we want. What we look for in a potential partner determines the relationship. Placing physical qualities above anything else leaves you hungry for substance. The ideal partner has important psychological characteristics that go beyond the surface. Next time you’re looking for love, consider these five non-physical qualities for a lasting relationship.


Having someone you can share anything with is vital. It allows you to freely express your thoughts without judgement. No one is perfect, so finding a partner that is approachable and understanding can strengthen your emotional bond. It’s always easier to talk to someone when they aren’t negative or overcritical, especially a significant other. An open-minded partner is adventurous and considerate. They accept your crazy ideas and make you feel less alone. You can find solace in your partner’s openness.


It is important to value each other’s interests whether you share them or not. A respectful partner is supportive of your hobbies and goals. They won’t try to control you or make you feel inadequate. Respect means they will be sensitive to your desires and feelings. They won’t place your needs below their own. Respect shows they accept who you are. They value your abilities, qualities, and achievements. They build your confidence instead of tearing it down. Respect from your partner will fill your life with love and happiness instead of manipulation and threats.


It takes time to get to know someone. Love doesn’t just happen overnight. A partner with patience will move at the pace you set for your relationship. They won’t get angry or demand you to be someone you’re not. When life gets hard, you want someone that is going to stand by you. Patience will push their willingness to keep talking after a huge fight. It takes time to resolve conflicts. A good partner will have the patience to stick it out. They won’t give up on the relationship at the first sign of a problem. A partner that perseveres through life’s hardest moments makes the good times that much sweeter.


A gracious partner pays attention to the positive and supportive things you do. They notice when you do something that benefits them. In return, they display their feelings of appreciation. They do cute little gestures like writing you a note after you cook them dinner or giving you an unexpected hug just because they love you. A grateful partner makes you feel good about treating them well. A positive cycle will start of you putting in effort and being rewarded. A grateful partner enhances the love in the relationship.


A sense of humor can be a lifesaver in a relationship. A partner that can laugh at themselves during embarrassing moments will be able to tackle sensitive issues when they arise. They can use humor to resolve conflicts and ease tense moments. The person won’t take everything you say so seriously, keeping fights at bay. Humor can turn a conversation from bad to better. Being able to laugh, joke, and tease your partner brings life into the relationship. Plus, who doesn’t want to laugh with their loved one?

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