What It Is Like To Live In A Single Parent Household

So many misconceptions are made when someone realizes that you were raised in a single parent household. Whether it be that your quality of life was lower or that your life is in shambles as of now. Our parents did the very best they could to raise us. The best thing to remember is that raising children does not come with a manual.

My Perspective As A Product Of A Single Parent Household

My mother is my standard of strength. There is no way I could wake up in the morning without being grateful for my mother because she was there for me everyday. To tell the truth, my mother was and is not the “average” mother. I could tell that she thought about my sister and I and tried to make life better for us. At the age of 19 years old, my mom already had two children and a set of twins on the way; I was a part of the set of twins. By the age of 22, (a week before her own birthday) my mom gave birth to her last child, my little sister.

My mother was everything I could have possibly asked for in a parent. Whether or not I had everything I wanted is debatable. I always had what I needed. She was also very big on education, hence why I am currently in my last year of college. From my perspective, living in a single parent household taught me how to be independent and figure things out by myself the majority of the time.

Being raised in a single parent household meant that my father was not around at all. Nor did I know him until I was 14 years old. There’s a study out that talks about how a female needs her father and what things could go wrong if she doesn’t, but again, this does not apply to everyone. There is an issue with not knowing both parts of yourself. You would often wonder what characteristics you get from the other parent.

Untrue Stereotypes

  • Going to college and finishing school is not foreign to us.
  • We respect our elders
  • There’s more than one way to make ends meet.
  • Not all of us have children at young ages.

Being raised in a single parent household does not mean that we are any less than those who aren’t. It also does not mean we are weaker. All things work together for the good, and that is the main reason why I understand and believe that it is okay to raise your children by yourself if you have to.

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