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Life Lessons You Can Learn From Old People

The world is constantly changing, and so are our mindsets. But there are things which will always remain the values and lessons old people have taught us that are to be treasured from generation to generation.

People usually say that the two best teachers in the world are Education and Experience.  Well, there is also a section of society which teaches us a lot and adds a great amount of knowledge that is wholesome and very accurate, and I am referring to Old people. Never underestimate them just because they are not of our generation. They have seen the world more closely, have been in almost every kind of situation and nobody could guide us better than them.

Today’s youth is a free thinking spirit. They are independent, more confident, aggressive and curious to know things and creative in their thought process.


You must have seen your father or grandfather following a particular schedule every day. Time management, following a proper schedule daily. Doing things in a proper way and most importantly discipline in what they do are things we need to learn from the elders in our family.


Old people know the value of a family. They have always sacrificed their time, money or their precious things to keep the members of their family happy. Sacrificing is a blissful feeling and how they do it every time is just remarkable.

Religion & Spirituality

Religion is the source of tranquility and stability in their lives. Have you ever thought why we are so rebellious and what keeps us worried all the time? It is because we are not as religious as our elders are or used to be. Religion solves all purposes in life. When you engage in worshiping, you develop a connection with God which makes you bear every difficult situation in life. Our elders always found time for religious practices. Therefore, they were never as apprehensive and bewildered as us.

Feeling of Contentment

Old people have a quality of contentment about them; they are satisfied with whatever great or little they have which teaches us to be satisfied with what we have and not to be materialistic.

Social Bond

There were times when people used to visit each other now and then, have fun get to gathers and these were the only means of socializing. Today socializing is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We do not make any efforts to go out and make friends. We should at least visit our neighbors and relatives once in a while.

Having Real Conversations

Old people still believe in sitting together and talking about their lives and things happening around them. Often, we are only interested in the fake virtual world.

An Exemplary Life

Old people led and still live a very noble and carefree life where chirping of birds wake them up every single morning, where conversations start with every first cup of coffee, where worshiping God is considered the most sacred practice of the day and where spending time with family is the only source of happiness. The way they live their life is so pure and plain. It makes us think twice of what we are doing today and what are we teaching our next generation.

We should be happy with what we have, live a simple life and value people more than objects. Our lives will be phenomenal if we live our lives based on their principles and values. Not only we will be successful in the world, but we will also have a joyful and rewarded life which will make it worth living.

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