Life Changes

Life changes. You get it all lined up just the way you like and then something beyond your control comes along and throws everything you planned, hoped, and dreamed of off track. Next thing you know you’re there standing there devastated and beat down. You’re wondering what you did wrong and why is this is happening to you. You think, how nice it would be if you could get everything you want just the way you wanted it?

Lessons a lot of people have the hardest time understanding and learning from is that everyone grows up. Some faster than other and through your journey of growing up you lose some friends, but you gain new ones that are more suited to the person you’ve grown to be. People follow their dreams and sometimes it requires you to move away from home or change you lifestyle. A lot of the time people ask the question “why” to themselves. Why, did I have to give up this or lose that friend to make my dream come true? I’m not going to lie it hurts.

It hurts to leave a life you were so used to behind to adapt to a new one. When I had to leave all my friends and family back in Texas to pursue my dream in fashion it hurt, but it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. I was left my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s good to leave your comfort zone. All the successful people out there today at one point in their life had to leave from their comfort zone to get where they are now, but don’t confuse leaving your comfort zone to losing your values, morals and breaking the boundaries you set for yourself in life.

Every single experience you go through and gone through has changed you. The new faces that come into your life are there change, encourage or teach you a lesson. Every moral dilemma or emotional experience you’ve faced or will face gets you one step closer to being the person you are suppose to be. It’s your jobs to decided how you will react to those set backs and how you will use them to make a better you a person, because that’s how character is developed. That’s how winners are molded.

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