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Lessons I’ve Learned While Learning to Drive

I am what you would call a late bloomer as it applies to driving. In high school, while most people were learning to drive, I was going to band rehearsals, studying, and doing homework.

Then I went straight to college where there wasn’t any time to learn. I’m 22 now, and I’ve started a process most 16 years old’s have already completed. I’ve learned many lessons while learning to drive at 22. While these lessons are applicable for the road, they also apply to life.

Preparation is Key

One of the first things you learn to do as a rookie driver is to prepare to drive. There is a checklist of things you need to do before your foot hits the pedal. You have inspected the outside of the car to make sure there isn’t any debris that may puncture your tires. When you get in the car, you have to adjust the seat and mirrors to make sure you are prepared to handle whatever may happen on the road. Last but not least, you have to buckle up.

Whatever you are about to embark on, you have to prepare. You have to be sure that you have seen it from all angles and you’ll be able to handle what is thrown at you. So often we make decisions and go into situations without fully preparing. You must be sure you plan for anything that may come up.

Think of Others

When you’re on the road, you have to signal. You have to look out for other cars. You can’t act like you’re the only one on the road. It’s so easy to get into autopilot in your daily life. You’re going after your goals, and you get so caught up, that you forget about others. Take time to honor the people in your life and even the strangers you pass by on your way to work.

Mistakes Will Happen

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned on the road is that even when you take all the necessary precautions, you’ll still make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes on the road, whether you’ve been driving for two hours or fifty years. The same goes for life. We all make mistakes. The best we can do is learn from them and try to do our best next time.

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