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Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

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Scott Webb

You see it all the time; Facebook posts about why you should never skip leg day. Usually, they show someone who is more than a bit top heavy along with some tiny legs. It seems ridiculous, but it speaks to a trend. The average lifter tends to skip leg day with regularity. Here are a few reasons why skipping legs is a huge mistake.

Leg Muscles Are Vital for Mechanical Activity

Your legs are the largest muscle group in your body. Your hamstrings and quadriceps are massive on their own, but your gluteus maximus (aka butt) is the biggest muscle in the body. You use these muscles for any mechanical activity; walking, running, picking things up, generating traction to push things, and even just standing up all relies heavily on leg strength. Failing to train legs will make even mundane tasks more challenging and dangerous.


Appearance and physique are a couple of reasons that many people get involved with fitness. Developing your ideal physique can give you the confidence you need. But, without treating leg day with the seriousness it deserves, your physique will suffer. Under-developing your lower body will cause a contrast with your developed upper body, and “chicken legs” can be embarrassing to have. Sometimes it boils down to genetics which is impossible to change, but there are ways to avoid having scrawny legs just because you fail to train them.

Balance & Injury

Underdeveloped legs become a liability as you progress through your training; this is especially true if you begin to bulk up in the upper body. Your legs are your foundation, so becoming top heavy will throw off your balance. Even simple activities could lead to injury if your lower body fails to support your torso, as muscle imbalances can develop from underdeveloped muscle groups.

Bottom Line

Skipping leg day is a bad choice, and you will regret it in the long term. Always commit a day to leg day, and maybe more than one just to be safe.

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