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Why Learning To Play An Instrument Is Important

Music has always played a major role in expressing feelings and emotions where traditional words fall short. Whether a screeching guitar solo or a slow ballad, music strengthens our ability to feel.

The thing about music is we all enjoy listening to it, but only a select few of us go the step further in creating it. While listening to music can calm and excite us, learning to play an instrument can bring us closer to life. Below are three reasons learning an instrument is a fundamental addition to our daily lives.

Learning An Instrument Teaches Us Patience

Some hobbies are instantly rewarding to us. Reading books can teach us about ourselves in a few short pages. Knitting gives us an immediate physical copy of something we can be proud of. Painting allows us to be creative with a few brush strokes and an idea. Learning a musical instrument, however, isn’t as generous in the beginning. There are a lot of things we must learn about our instrument before we can truly benefit from it. From scales, tuning, technique, and proper maintenance, there is a lot of groundwork we must build up first. Learning all of these things can seem monotonous at times, but it teaches us that good things take time.

It Can Also Help Us Appreciate Music More

Nothing is better than finding the perfect song to fit our moods. Whether flipping through Pandora, Spotify, or YouTube, music has a way of connecting us like nothing else. Sometimes it’s the bass groove behind the lyrics. Other times it is the slow chord progression of an acoustic guitar. It could even be the way the piano’s hammer strikes the string. We appreciate music for how it affects us, but playing an instrument opens our eyes to the technical side. That bass groove took hours in the studio to perfect. The pianist went through dozens of scales to find the most emotional set of notes. Creating music is an art form in itself once we know the amount of work it takes. Not everyone who learns an instrument will experience this revelation, but understanding the difficulty in putting together a song helps.

Boosting Our Listening Skills

Let’s face the tough fact that we have forgotten how to listen. Whether we are talking about daily communication or paying attention, good listening skills are a thing of the past. With that being said, learning how to play an instrument can re-tune our ears and help us become better listeners. Especially in a band, knowing if our pitch is sharp or flat is crucial to the success of the song. Playing an instrument for a while will tune our ears to be sensitive for what sounds right and what doesn’t. If we’re always listening, we become more in harmony with the world around us.

Learning how to play an instrument takes a lot of determination and patience. However, if we can move beyond the initial difficulties, the possibilities are endless for us. Dedicating that much time to a process is quite tedious, but it is worth every second of it. Music has the power to unite the world around us. Wouldn’t it be amazing to add your style to that sense of synchronization?

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