Learning To Cope With Disappointment

There are times in our lives when everything goes exactly the way we want it to. Our personal and professional lives are both moving in a positive direction. We are financially stable and living comfortably, becoming perfectly content with this moment. Other times, however, things don’t go so well, and disappointment lingers over our heads. Disappointment can bring quite a significant amount of mental and physical struggles into our lives if we let it. While it is usually a setback disappointment can be a useful life tool. It is all about the perspective in which we look at setbacks. Here are four key ways to cope with disappointment and turn it into a manageable and useful feeling.

Managing Our Emotions

When something goes wrong, an immediate rush of emotions comes over us. We are often filled with anger, sadness, or frustration when disappointment hits. It is important for us to let these emotions happen and not try to control it. Feeling out these emotions allows us to realize why this setback was so important to us. Until we come to terms with our emotions, disappointment will always negatively upset us. When we can see disappointment as a growing tool, our emotions become an asset instead of a nuisance.

We Can Review Our Expectations

Disappointment can also teach us to re-evaluate our hopes for our lives. If we keep falling short of our expectations, it might need another approach. The goal we’ve been trying to reach might be unrealistic or unobtainable. Disappointment can lead us to re-evaluate our goals to make them more approachable. Disappointment doesn’t crush dreams, but it does make us see our needs in a more realistic manner.

Remember Who We Are

The term “failing” is always backed up with intense emotional pressure. Failing at something is always a hard pill to swallow. However, it does offer an excellent opportunity to take account of all of the positive things we have done right. It is very easy to forget the positive things we’ve done in life. The negative events cause us the most self-doubt. The positive moments show how many times we’ve fallen and gotten up.

It’s Only Temporary

Probably the most important thing about disappointment is that it isn’t permanent. We don’t experience downfalls at every crossroad of life. We bend and break sometimes, but we always mend ourselves. Trying something new sometimes leads to it not working out, and that’s okay. We must turn this downfall into a learning experience and adjust accordingly. Life ebbs and flows consistently, and sometimes the low points are really low. We need to remember though that everything fluctuates and it will level itself out. Disappointment can cripple us, or it can help us move forward in life. The only thing that matters is our perspective of the situation and ourselves.