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Last-Minute Resume Polishing

Last-minute resume polishing can be crucial to acquiring that job you have your eye on, but what are the best tactics? What else is there to possibly edit? Are there common facets that employers look for? Here are a few ideas to help you present the perfect resume at your interview.

Make The Ends Justify The Means

You’ve noted your achievements, your certifications, and your volunteering positions. What did your contributions amount to? Always credit yourself for your accomplishments, even if it just helped the work flow. Impact is essential to potential employers because they want to see what you can provide for them. Rework your writing to reflect the things you made happen.

Observe Your Narrative

Your resume tells a story to your interviewers and it is important to showcase who you are and where your interests lie. If you’ve held a job in the field you want to go into, highlight and strengthen those portions of your resume. Forget the length and hone in on relevance. Prove that you can and will go the distance for that job.

Look At Grammar, Spelling & Syntax

It’s eye roll-worthy advice, but it rings true. Incorrect usage, spelling, and grammar can be fatal in an interview. Glance over your resume one final time before your interview and scrutinize for any possible mechanical issues. Polished language is impressive in any setting and it is easy to attain. Furthermore, meticulousness is always a bonus to potential employers.

Formatting Just Right 

While there is debate over the proper length, everyone agrees on the chronological format for resumes. Make sure that you have everything up to date and that it all flows precisely as you want it to. Try a font that differs from the expected Times New Roman, but that also looks crisp and professional. See to it that everything aligns in a linear fashion and that it is pleasing to the eye. As a result, your resume will be memorable to your interviewer.

Take a deep breath in and out, quit tearing at your hair, and look at that resume just one more time. It could mean a world of difference and it will instill newfound confidence that you can carry with you to that new job you’re absolutely going to get.


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