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How to Land the Promotion You Deserve

Figuring out how to land the promotion you deserve can sometimes be overwhelming. Maybe you know you are more than capable to step into new shoes, but haven’t quite figured out how to let your superior know. It can also be a stressful time in an uncertain economy. Trying to get promoted can be a very vulnerable time because you are putting yourself on the line trying to achieve your goals. Let’s consider some ways to decrypt how to land the promotion you deserve.

Have Realistic Goals

Getting promoted can be a direct result of your hard work and dedication, but also your ability to have realistic goals. When an employer asks where you see yourself in the next five years, refrain from answering with the over-confident “in your position”. Be realistic with where you are and where you are going. Planning your next moves shows your boss not only are you dedicated to your current role, but you also know how to plan a complex event. Another perk is you are demonstrating that you pay attention to the details. Focusing on the small tasks shows them you know exactly how the little things add up.

Culture is Key

Being promoted also relies on understanding the company’s culture and mission. Adapting to company culture goes beyond doing a job well done. Any respectable company wants to promote staff that see their vision and who can help drive them there. Believing in their culture and mission is only the first step. You must practice what you preach. For example, consider someone in a role who is a bit brash or less than personable. This person is a great worker, but at times can rub people the wrong way. Often times he offends his staff and colleagues. He is a powerhouse for completing tasks and a true hard worker.

However, the company he works for positions themselves as a family company. They pride themselves on a squeaky clean image. Would they consider the brash boss for another promotion given his inability to oblige the company culture? Doubtful. Promotions go beyond merit alone. They tend to focus on how well the candidate adapts and promotes the company as a whole.

Have A Desire for the Right Reason

Knowing how to land the promotion you deserve will depend on the amount of desire you have for your current role. You may be overlooked if you are in a lackluster position and find yourself drudging through the day. Promotions are granted to individuals who are already satisfied where they are at. A boss may not want to lose them in that particular role, but they know if they don’t they will lose them all together. Be like them. Be the person that enjoys and is dedicate to where they are at. Getting to your next step should only be a small piece of the career pie.

No matter where you are in your career, just be sure to always have a grateful mindset. Putting yourself in a position of being grateful is a surefire way to launch you into where you ultimately want to be. Know your skill set, develop an outstanding portfolio, adapt to your company’s culture, and before you know it you will be exactly where you want to be.

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