Did You Know Being A “Messy” Person Has Surprising Strengths?

Growing up, I was always one of those kids who hated to clean their room. Not because I didn’t want to clean it, but because I didn’t want to misplace anything. If you walked into my room right now, you would probably think I was a messy person. Rest assured, I am not. However, you will find shoes tossed about and clothes on the floor that missed the laundry basket. My dresser and TV stand act as makeshift bookshelves, and I have totes filled with summer clothing in the corner. I’ve also never been someone who makes their bed before they leave the house. What is the point when you’re just going to come home and get right back in it at the end of the day?

Even though someone may come off as being messy, it does not necessarily mean they are a slob or are unorganized. Believe or not, messy people actually have some hidden strengths. According to Reader’s Digest :

  1. Messy people have their own unique organizational system. While we might not have a place for everything, we know exactly where it is. It might take us a few minutes to find it, but we will always find it.
  2. We also don’t sweat the small stuff. What’s a few socks or shoes the floor? You can always pick them up later.
  3. Messy people are also apparently, creative geniuses. I consider myself to be creative, but I don’t think it comes from being messy.
  4. Messy people tend to be more spontaneous and flexible.
  5. Messy people tend to have better ideas.
  6. Being messy is actually a form of art.

There are often a lot of stereotypes that are associated with people who are messy. The most common one is that messy people are dirty and never clean; this is not true. I empty the dishwasher and wash dishes just like everyone else. I wash my laundry every weekend and enjoy the smell of clean laundry. Hot showers are my best friend and I love a shampoo and body wash that smell good. I vacuum once or twice a week and when I have company coming over, I always make sure the house is clean and that no one can tell that I have two dogs. There is a difference between being messy and being sloppy.