Why You Should Kiss Your Ginger Loved Ones Today

It is national kiss a ginger day across the world today. Do you have a ginger love who you just can’t wait to get hold of and give a big smacker too! Well its time to max out on big love for gingers everywhere from strawberry blondes to burning scarlet red, today we salute you.

Prince Harry the worlds most eligible bachelor happens to be a ginger nut. However, ladies and gentlemen  Harry’s bachelor days are coming to an end this year as he embarks on marrying the stunning Meghan Markle in Windsor, London later this year. We are all super excited at Deliberate Magazine and have our stars and stripes and union jack bunting in the wings at the ready!  Of course, Prince Harry would probably so love to have a kiss from his dear mummy the belated adorable Princess Diana on the national ginger day.

It is an estimated around 1-2% world’s population has naturally red hair. That is a small number, but it represents a very proud population. Not only that beautiful auburn hair is often associated with the Irish, but it was the wild Viking Norsemen of Scandinavia where this gene pull originated. After setting sail in there Longships, loaded with preserved fish and other goodies they would arrive primarily on shores in the North East of Britain, bringing there savage and wild marauding ways, raping and pillaging there way through the UK. With a whopping 40% of people in the UK carrying the gene its no wonder we all have such a love of these often pale skin beauties.

Interesting Ginger Facts Or Just Plain Superpowers

  • Did you know that it has been reported that redheads require more anesthesia and are harder to sedate than other hair colors?
  • Did you know that redheads are more likely to bruise easily, some say?
  • Did you know redheads are more sensitive to the cold weather?
  • Did you know in Poland if you pass three redheads in a row, you will win the state lottery?
  • Did you know redheads are less likely to go grey?
  • Did you know bees have been proven to be more attracted to redheads?

So get out there and kiss a redhead, only if that is ok with them of course!