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Kingdom Corner: Forgivness

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How important is it to forgive? In our lives, many people will aggravate us and hurt us. Sometimes the pain is very severe, and forgiveness seems impossible. But what does God say about forgiveness, and why should we forgive even the most hurtful of people?

Daily Life & Forgiveness

Everybody has met someone that annoys them. It happens almost every day. Whether at work, socially or even at home, someone’s habits or characteristics are going to annoy us all. Even Jesus had to face annoying people while he was preaching in front of the Sadducees. Jesus maintained perfect poise during those conversations and confrontations. Can we say we have not been tested in such situations and failed? Of course not. Humans aren’t perfect. However, we can practice the ways of Jesus when we give answers or small talk in a neutral tone without overreacting at their bad habit and sounding harsh while speaking. Ask for forgiveness for not showing the love of Jesus, and then pray for them individually.

Pain Hurts

Those painful hurts from your memories about people in your life must also be forgiven. It’s hard to say that those who hurt us the most are even worthy of forgiveness. That is entirely reasonable. But at some point, maybe in the future when healing has reached its peak, think about that person and release your feelings of hatred, spite, or vengeance. Reach to the Heavens to find your help. God will strengthen you in whatever you have to do. You may choke on your tongue a few times, but it will be helpful to keep trying and repeating it until you get enough strength to say it aloud. Continue this practice in your prayers because those people who hurt us are in desperate need of prayers. Jesus hanging on the cross gave grace to all of us that were not worthy and some less worthy than others. His loving last words in prayer were:

Jesus said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

Jesus shows the example of how we should be in a state of eternal forgiveness just like He taught by example.

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