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Kingdom Corner: Parable of the Goats and Sheep

This week’s devotional will focus on charity. There are two commandments that Jesus focused on in his ministry. The first was loving God with the whole body, soul, and mind. The second was loving one’s neighbor as they would love themselves. In this season of giving, let us call to mind the great gift of the covenant of grace that God has bestowed to us in His Son. In the Parable of the Goats and Sheep, Jesus makes it clear how we are to love others.

The Parable goes on to say that God will separate the Goats from the Sheep by the factor of how they treated their neighbor. The blessed sheep would give others drink, food, clothing, and visitation when sick or in prison. God would see their efforts and reward them with eternal life. However, the goats would selfishly not provide aid to anyone. Jesus spoke to them saying:

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’ Matthew 25:40

The Lord makes it clear that a charitable heart and the spirit of giving is important to Him. We should do our best to imitate this by being kindly to everyone we meet. Consider offering your time to others by visiting those who are shut-in, offering others a ride to the grocery store if you know they walk in the cold, and bringing hot homemade meals to those that are elderly. There are so many ways to be charitable to your neighbors, your church brothers and sisters, and strangers. Jesus wanted us to act in a spirit of love to all. When in the spirit of giving, don’t give in expectation of receiving compliments or influence in society. Give freely and lovingly expecting nothing in return. Give as Jesus gave.

During this holiday season, don’t forget your Father above who first loved us and gave us His Son so that we could be reconciled through Him. Grace was given freely, so let us in turn give freely to our brothers and sisters.

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