Kingdom Corner: Why God Loves Everyone

I’m sure you have known or know people who are not convinced of the realities of Christ. They may be looking for proof. Some have lost faith after going through hardships. Still, others may not have been exposed to a religious life growing up. Regardless of these things, God still loves them. The Bible is full of examples of just how loving God is. Let’s take a look at how God loves everyone.

Doubting Thomas

When Jesus was resurrected and then returned to see His disciples, Thomas was among them. Now, Thomas didn’t believe that his Lord had been resurrected. He wanted definitive proof through the senses. He wanted to touch the nail holes in his hands and see for himself that it was indeed true. Jesus, in His mercy, allowed this to happen. While Christ wants us to believe by faith, some people are not quite at the stage of strong faith. Thomas is a prime example. However, the point is that Jesus did not ridicule Thomas or cast him aside for his doubts. He welcomed Thomas to look and touch the holes in his hands.

When you look at this in the bigger picture, there are many Agnostics and a lot of Atheists out there that just want proof. They consider religion made up stories. Imagine the day that the Lord reveals Himself again in the clouds. It will be an eventful time, and all of those who doubted will be shown the Truth. Just as Thomas was shown mercy in God’s Word, it would logically follow that God would be merciful toward those who require proof, because God never changes.

We all have doubts. Sometimes it ‘s hard to have faith when it seems like God is so far away. Imagine if you didn’t have faith! Your life would have no direction, like a vessel at sea with no sails. God’s Word gives us direction. We should be thankful for the Lord’s mercy in saving us and giving us this beautiful planet to live and worship on. If you are a Doubting Thomas, don’t be too hard on yourself. Thomas was one of Christ’s beloved disciples, even with his shortcomings. Isn’t it awesome that God loves us even with our doubts?


While we’re speaking of proof, Jesus did many miraculous things while on earth. He healed the sick, cured disease, fed thousands with just a few fish and loaves, turned water to wine, resurrected Lazarus from the dead, and helped his disciples prepare themselves for worldwide ministry outreach. While the Lord was out doing these things, people began to believe in Him as the Messiah. Notice, though, that they also required proof. Once they saw these wonderments, they were amazed and believed.

It is God’s plan that we would all believe through faith. We are to love one another and put God first. However, there are those that won’t take anything into firm belief without proof. God still loves those people. In fact, God loves everyone and wishes all to come to know Him. He doesn’t play favorites.

In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 1 John 4:10 ESV

The spiritual world resides within us, in our souls, and we should live our lives glorifying our Creator in the material world. For very soon, our Lord will return, and He counts those as blessed that believe without seeing. When those who have doubted finally see the Lord, they will believe, but their reward will be lesser than those of us who believed without seeing. This is why evangelizing is so important. We want to save souls from the day that they weep and gnash teeth over not believing in God. This is our duty because we are Christians. We are to open the eyes and ears of those who are blind and deaf to our Lord’s saving grace. In doing so, we will strengthen our faith.

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