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Kingdom Corner: Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Image Source: Christ Episcopal Church

The Holy Spirit is powerful; it can completely change a Christian from the inside out. The Spirit of God gives each person his or her gift, and by this gift, you will know that you are blessed with an abundance of the Holy Spirit. Here is how the Body of Christ is blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

There is one body, but it has many parts. 1 Corinthians 12:12 NIRV


We’re not talking about the common faith; this is the incredible faith that would have someone never doubting God and going out in faith to tell others about God. This type of faith would create powerful prayer warriors that get full reaching results because the Lord has blessed them with this gift.


Wisdom is being able to explain Biblical passages to others in ways that they can understand and apply them to today’s needs. This beautiful gift is what most pastors and ministers possess. They have the wisdom to bring messages of love and obedience to the flock. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. However, not every wise woman or man is a preacher. Some are writers, speakers, or singers. There’s nothing like a beautiful praise song that evokes tears of joy in the Lord’s presence.


Discernment is a wonderful gift. It gives the ability to tell the absolute difference between right and wrong both in the world and spiritually. Those gifted with discernment have the gift of decision making and counseling positions in the body of Christ. They understand the best ways to put the Kingdom first above all else.

Speaking in Tongues

Some have the gift of speaking in different tongues when overcome in prayer by the Spirit. These languages can be those of Earth or Heaven. They can be useful to the church when drawing close to the Lord during prayer and thanksgiving. There are others who understand the different tongues and will interpret them for the entire body of Christ so that the message of God is given clearly for all.


God gives to a select few the power to heal others through prayer and fasting. The Apostles laid hands on those who were ill or in need and healed them; this continues to this day. God poured out His Spirit on healers so they could help those in and outside of the Church. Healers would be great helpers to the prayer warriors with faith.

Pray that the Lord will ignite the Spirit inside you. Wait in faith for your gifts. God always comes through with His promises!

Next week, we will discuss the biggest gift of the Holy Spirit: Peace.

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