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Kingdom Corner: The Covenant of Love

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Did you know that God has purposed the Covenant of Love since the Garden of Eden? God loves us, and He makes that very clear in His Word. Let’s look at the many times God has called His people to the Covenant of Love.

Covenant of Love

In the beginning, God paired up Adam and Eve together so that they could love the earth and worship only God. God made His Covenant with Abraham and gave Him descendants as many as the stars. God did this because He loved Abraham, and Abraham loved and obeyed God. The Lord made a Covenant of Love with Noah and his family in a beautiful rainbow. God repeatedly made Covenants with Israel in Love and obedience. All of these Covenants had one thing in common. The Heavenly Father asks for our love to be in obedience. In other words, show that we love Him rather than just say it. We’ve talked about the two greatest commandments that Jesus instilled when He was on earth. They are not burdensome to a Christian. The Holy Spirit helps us to be obedient and love God foremost in our lives, and love our neighbors as ourselves. God presented His feelings on the subject:

For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6 (NIV)

God Never Changes

Throughout the Old Testament God made many Love Covenants, but when He sent His Son to be sacrificed on our behalf, it ended all other sacrifices. This Covenant of Love sealed God’s love for all people of all nations. God loves us beyond all understanding. He sacrificed His Son for us. Think about it, would you sacrifice your child or niece or nephew for all people to give them mercy for their sins? God made his two primary Covenants for us to be able to find His mercy and have a chance at everlasting life. The first was with Israel; the second was for everyone. Look how merciful our Father is! He will never change. His plans are always fulfilled through the thousands of years of human existence. God loves us and wants us to come into His mercy and love. The Covenant of Love covers all sins. Our God is a glorious God!

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