Keeping Dyed Hair Healthy

Dyeing your hair is great for achieving your desired shade, but you also need to keep your hair healthy in the meantime. Dyes can be very grating on your hair, especially if you bleach it. Therefore, there are certain things you should do to help your hair stay strong after dyeing it. Here are some ways to maintain healthy hair post-dye job:

Color-Protecting Shampoo

Self-explanatory? Yes. Worthwhile? Definite yes. Color-protecting shampoos are designed to restore and protect your hair. As a result, the color will be locked in for much longer, and your hair will be fortified and shiny.

Always Condition

Condition your hair every time you wash it. If you have oily hair, just condition the tips. Conditioners maintain shine and body for your hair, which dyes often strip away. A color-protecting shampoo is always a good idea.

Turn Down the Heat

Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage. Because of this, try to avoid blow dryers and curling irons as much as possible. Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible. If you do need to use heat, look for products that are heat-protectors. I straighten my hair often, and I tend to use a pre-straightening spray. This protects my hair ahead of time to prevent heat damage. You can use it on wet or dry hair.

Trim it Up

If your hair looks frizzy or if you have split ends, don’t neglect regular haircuts. The best way to keep any hair looking healthy is by getting it cut often, and dyed hair is no exception. Set up a haircut appointment if you feel that your dyed hair isn’t looking quite right.

Avoid Brushing

Brushing your hair is good for working out those tangles, but it isn’t always good for dyed hair. Brushing too often can bring out too many natural oils and strip your hair of the color faster. Also, it more often than not leads to split ends. Don’t cut out brushing completely, but do tone it down a bit.

Hair dyes, while beautiful, can leave your hair weaker and more susceptible to damage than before. Be sure to take good care of it, and you won’t have any problems. You’ll be turning heads by how good yours looks.

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