How to Keep Winter Static Out of Your Hair

Winter is a time for so many things: snowflakes, sledding, and, unfortunately, hair static. Those of us with thin, fine, and dry hair are susceptible to this annoying phenomenon, and it sticks with us all winter long. When the air is so dry, hair clings to our faces and sticks up from our heads. It’s time to fight back against this static situation with all we’ve got. Here are some ways to battle against flyaway hairs this season:

Put A Bowl of Water Near Your Heating Ducts

Heating is a must during the winter; that much is certain. However, insulated air only adds to the lack of moisture problem. Try placing a bowl of water near the vents in your living space, as this will help moisture circulate along with the heat. It will make everything significantly less dry in your home.

Rub Dryer Sheets in Your Hair

This trick works! Rub dryer sheets over the strands of your hair and on your combs before brushing and the static-y feeling is no more! You can also try rubbing a dryer sheet on your pillow before you go to sleep.

Avoid Plastic Combs

I’m sure you’ve noticed that brushing and combing static-y hair only makes it worse. If you can find a metal comb instead of the usual plastic, get it. A metal comb is more conductive and won’t react with the ions in your hair that change during the winter.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners aren’t always a favorite because they can leave hair feeling greasy, but during this time of year, the more moisture in your follicles, the better. Apply to your hair after towel drying, and you’ll find that static cling is no longer a thing.

Try a Specialized Hair Dryer

They’re expensive, but ionized hair dryers do wonders. If you feel that the money is worth it, ionized hair dryers prevent static cling, and they are less likely to give your hair heat damage as opposed to conventional hair dryers.

Don’t succumb to static hair syndrome. Defeat it using any one of these remedies. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.