K9 Veteran Day

Happy National K9 Veterans Day! March 13 is National K9 Veterans Day, where we salute the contributions of our four-legged canine brothers in arms. Throughout the history of warfare, canines have demonstrated unwavering bravery and invaluable assistance to soldiers in a variety of roles.

The Start

According to American Humane, it was 75 years ago today that the U.S. Army first established the War Dog Program, to train man’s best friend to become the military’s best canine asset.

The dogs of war who have served alongside soldiers throughout history. There are about 2,500 war dogs operating in service of the U.S. military, with around deployed 700 overseas with U.S. troops at any given time. Military Working Dogs, or MWDs, play a critical role in our nation’s defense and are crucial to the safety of our service members. These amazing dogs work tirelessly to keep us safe, successfully performing important and dangerous duties that can be difficult if not impossible for people, all while providing unconditional love and loyalty to the men and women who work alongside them.

An annual tribute to honor the service and sacrifice that these dogs have made for their country, National K9 Veterans Day pays tribute to military dogs and countless other canines serving our nation from police dogs to border patrols dogs, and many more. How to Observe National K9 Veterans Day? See some options below.

Adopt a retired K9 dog

K9 dogs are loved and appreciated, but unfortunately, there are some that are left without homes after their service ends. If you’re ready for a new pooch, adopt one of these dogs instead of buying one from a breeder.


Teach Your Dog A New Trick

Celebrate the incredible training of a K9 dog by training your own dog a bit. You’ll have an excuse to spend time with your dog, and you’ll feel great when you finally get him to perform the trick.

Tell us how you’re going to celebrate National K9 Veterans Day!