My Journey to Self-Love

Denys Nevozhai

When we are born into the world, we are crying yet surrounded by those who love us. However, if you think about it, most people will cry once we leave this world. Throughout our life in between this time, we come to learn more and more about love. We learn the importance of loving God and even loving others. However, the most important lesson that we can ever learn is to love ourselves through self-love. Then and only then can we begin to live a life that is authentically designed for us, through us, and by us.

True Definition of Self-Love

What is self-love? Does this mean that I am conceited or think of myself as being better than someone else? Often, this can be the perception others may have if individuals claim to love themselves. However, self-love simply means being aware of your unique abilities and wonderful qualities. It means treating yourself with love, respect, kindness, and consideration the way that you would treat your grandma, your mother, or your best friend. It is remaining aware of your wants, needs, and desires and possessing the ability to communicate these with others.

Journey to Self-Love

My journey to self-love has not always been easy, as yours may not have been either. We learn many life lessons that teach us more about how to love ourselves better. From our romantic relationships to our friendships and even our careers, how we view and love ourselves can become a true reflection of these.

What Prevents Self-Love

Each day I find more and more reasons to love myself. I always knew that I was an amazing and unique individual. I am one of a kind; we all are. However, I did not feel the need for others to know this. In fact, I used to feel bad for standing out in positive ways, such as being gifted academically or musically. I did not want others to feel bad who did not get the same kind of recognition.

Balance Between Self-Love and Loving Others

What you begin to learn is that there has to be a balance. You must care for yourself as well as others; however, you cannot put others’ needs above your own. No one can take care of you or love you better than you love yourself. If you stand out or are recognized for a great achievement, enjoy it. Then congratulate your friend when it is her turn. The journey to self-love is not a sprint but a marathon. It can be a life-long journey. From the moment we enter this world, we are immersed in love and leave behind our innocence as we grow up.

Find Ways Daily to Show Self-Love

Every day we can choose to provide ourselves the love that we deserve. We can decide that we are worth the effort and time that we often put on other people. We can make a choice to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. And we can finally realize that what we give others we must first provide for ourselves. Self-love is the essence of a well-lived life; without it, something will always seem to be missing. So begin the journey today. Consider ways that you can start to show yourself self-love. Give yourself some free time or enjoy a favorite activity. After all, life is too short to not love it for all it’s worth.

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