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Jewelry Trends for Fall/Winter

Whatever your style preference is, the retro jewelry trends of this fall/winter season has something to offer.  Put the spark back into your wardrobe and get your vintage on.  Some of this year’s hottest jewelry trends are back from the past and are better than ever.  It’s time to raid your mother’s jewelry box and hit your favorite websites to pick up some of this season’s most in demand fashions.

Pearls: 50’s-60’s

While pearls never really go out of style, this season seeks to reinvent them once again.  Large pearls in statement pieces may have decked the runways of Paris fashion week, but always feel free to adapt pieces to suit your personal flair.  Break out grandma’s strand of pearls, combine them with one of this season’s other hot looks, and wow this winter with your on-point fashion.

Punk: 70’s-80’s

You don’t have to pierce your ear with a safety-pin like they did in the 70’s to go punk this winter.  Leather, spikes, and studs are all currently in fashion, and you can even get punk inspired safety-pin jewelry without using the real thing.

Talisman Jewelry: 70’s

Whether or not you believe them to be good luck charms, wearing talismans is in this fall.  Pick up some evil eyes, Hamsa hands, and Celtic necklaces to layer this winter and have a lucky and trendy new year!

Structural/Geometric: 80’s

The early 1980’s is marked by its structural design style and fancy cut gemstones.  Get this updated look with pieces designed with clean lines and simple shapes.  This season try a linear cuff bracelet, stacked square stone rings or a pearl ear spike for a chic look.

Ear cuffs: 90’s

If you lived through the 90’s, never fear.  This season, ear cuffs are much better looking than they were 20 years ago.  This season’s designs go way beyond a simple ring.  Many offer the look of multiple piercings without the pain.  Cuffs are also a breeze to pair with a mismatched earring for the asymmetric look.

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