It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Almost Relationship & Here How You Can

Relationships are like a fragile filament; hard to sustain, harder to break. The best thing about having a relationship is that they generate some very pleasant moments, keep a person happy which ultimately makes him or her progressive in whatever he or she does. The more we go gaga about how much fun it is to remain single, the more we want someone to fill the gap in our life because who doesn’t want somebody to treat them in a particular way? Who doesn’t like to feel blessed and happy? Who doesn’t want someone with whom one can share everything under the sun? Who doesn’t want that lifelong companion who stands by their side no matter if the whole world goes against them? But when should you end your almost relationship?

Something Is Wrong

You don’t feel it’s right, not that a lot of bad things are happening with you but you just don’t feel its right. You try to remain happy, but you are not. You try to tell yourself that everything is good, but it’s not. You get this vibe which is so negative when you meet your partner that you think that staying without him or her will make you happier.

Respect Is the Retort

For any relationship to work, mutual respect, trust, and understanding are very essential. When one of the partners feels that either of them is lacking, then it is time to call it off.

The Silent ‘C’ in A Relationship

You must have heard it a lot that partners need to compromise and adjust in every phase of life to sustain their beautiful relationship. Well, it is true. Life is not always roses and lilies, but the gracious garden contains sharp thorns too. Here both partners should strive together to co-operate with each other and compromise in difficult situations and life could be a cake walk for them.

Know Your Partner’s Worth

Sometimes people value other people or even things more than their partners who take a standstill in their relationship. Always consider your partner’s significance more than anybody or anything because the love of your life wants that special privilege they have in your life, and your partner will only be the one by your side till your last breath.

Silent Killer

The silent killer I am referring to is ‘over possessiveness.’ Being possessive and concerned is sweet and natural but being too possessive or interfering could bother your partner to the extent that they might want to get rid of you or hide things from you. This is dangerous for any relationship. Please stay away from this silent killer. It is not healthy for any bond.

Fears & Struggle

To break a relationship is not an easy job. You need a lot of courage to deal with the society and people around you, courage to handle your partner and most importantly courage to face yourself and being alone. Before taking any further steps, think about what you are gaining from this relationship rather than losing. You should never take any decision in haste which could make you regret later.

Yes, I will do it!

If you have decided that it’s too much now and you finally want to break up, then go ahead and just do it. Do not think of the consequences when you have already made up your mind. Be confident and positive about your decision. Whatever you are doing might hurt you right now but will eventually be good for you.

Be Polite & Direct

Yes, you do not want to continue with your partner anymore, but being blunt and expressing “Yes I want to break up with you” is not cool. Be considerate of your partner’s feelings though he or she may have hurt you a lot in the past. Express your decision calmly also giving appropriate reasons as to why you think it is not working out and why ending your relationship is the best solution for both of you.

Break the Knots

Do not fall into any emotional trap once you have taken your decision and spoken about it to your partner. A lot of questions will arise in your mind whether you have made a right decision or not and it could also be that your partner asks you to maintain a healthy friendship or at least a once in a while texting or calling. Be firm and explain to them that it could not be possible because when you want to move ahead in life, you need to leave some things behind that you think will hinder your happiness.

Being in a relationship is a beautiful, serene feeling and if you have the right partner who understands you perfectly well, then you need nothing else in the universe. But sometimes you feel that it is not working out, and that feeling is unyielding when it hits you first; then believe me it is the time to let go of your almost relationship and move on.

Letting go of your relationship is one of the hardest things you could ever do. It’s hard for your partner but it is more difficult for you, but when you know it’s right, you go with the flow; hence when you know it’s wrong, just follow your instincts and move on. After all, life does not end here, and there is always a silver lining in the dreadful dusky cloud.

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