It’s Time to Grow Up: Things You Should Stop Doing

Adulthood can be so draining. You have to do boring, soulless, frustrating activities like paying taxes, applying for jobs, and smiling at people when you don’t want to. Everyone has to eventually leave childhood behind, though, and there are things you kind of need to stop doing when you reach societal maturity (beyond pooping your pants and eating play doh).

Throwing Temper Tantrums

Now, I know that storming off angrily and throwing things is really fun and makes a great spectacle in arguments, but it’s also super immature. If you’re over the age of say, two, you should be able to articulate your point without losing your marbles when something bothers you. When you make a big deal out of something and cause a scene, the person you’re arguing with will probably shut down (I know I would) and then you really won’t get anything done. As tempting as it is to fly off the handle and deal with the cleanup later, it’ll only make the issue worse in the long term. Take a deep breath, count to three if you have to, and remember to use your words. Nothing they don’t tell you in kindergarten.

Avoiding Confrontation

This is something that drives me crazy about some of my friends–they’ll all bend over backwards, forwards, and sideways to get around confronting someone. My best friend has barely gotten any sleep the past week because she’s overwhelmed with balancing her job and school. Instead of asking her boss for fewer hours, she’s stretching herself too thin just so she won’t have to talk to him and have the undoubtedly uncomfortable conversation about more time off . If you’re going to function in the world, there are going to be times when you need to bite the bullet and bring up an issue that you’d rather not. It’ll be awkward and grating and probably highly unpleasant, but it’s far better than dancing around a topic like you’re a thirteen year old asking someone on your first date. Open communication is vital in pretty much any kind of relationship–when you’re an adult, you can’t pretend it’s not.

Making vague posts on social media

Okay, so I love to do this even though I know it’s wrong. Twitter is my platform of choice–when someone makes me upset, you better believe I’ll be sending out a shady tweet ASAP. I always feel bad afterwards, though, because it’s just so petty. It goes back to the whole confrontation issue, because if you’re not telling people what they did to hurt you, you can’t fault them for not falling all over you apologizing. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to press a button and feel better, but it’s not practical or beneficial.

Over sharing

Please, please don’t do this. Don’t turn a casual conversation into a game of show and tell where the “show” part is everything that’s happened in your life since you came out of the womb.  It can be tempting to share when you think things are going well with people; trust me, I’ve been there. Nothing is more off putting, though, than rushing into a friendship (or any kind of relationship, really). When in doubt, lay low and play it cool so you’ll have more to talk about later. It’s a sign of maturity that everyone unconsciously appreciates.

But seriously, continue to enjoy Trix. They aren’t just for kids!

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