Internet Marketing Tips I Learned From A Friend

Recently, I was catching up with a friend in Ottawa (It’s a lovely city, you should visit if you get the opportunity) and the topic of marketing surfaced midst our conversation. Digital Marketing is her profession, while for me, marketing analytics and strategy is purely an interesting leisurely pursuit. Her responses were sagacious and thorough that I am sharing that information with her permission. Any small business startup looking for customer acquisition will find these tips on internet marketing useful.


The most important tool is a company website. The website is your online presence. It is where potential customers find you, learn about you and build a relationship with you. Having a proper website designed with user experience and optimized for conversions is the most important step. Don’t skimp on it, invest in it. Your social media platforms should be linked to the company website.

Google Analytics

Install a Google Analytics tracking code. Google Analytics is free and will give you key insight into how people are interacting with your website and browser information. Set up goals that can be tracked in Google Analytics. Your goal depends on your business, and you can set them according to what is important to you, whether it’s getting a user to submit a form requesting more information, booking an appointment, completing an online sale, etc.

Paid Ads

Paid Search ads are a fantastic resource for helping potential customers find your business. These are the ads that show above the search results when you type in a phrase in a search engine. You bid on a keyword related to your product or service to show your ads to those searching for what you have to offer. They are highly effective when utilized properly because you are proving yourself to someone who is already looking for what you offer and is likely already in the mindset to buy.


Additionally, focus on “retargeting” or “remarketing” ads. You install a small piece of code that allows you to show ads to users who have already visited your site. Often, people come looking for information before they are ready to make a purchase. They may leave your site with the intention to return later, or maybe they are comparison shopping. These ads show as banners across the web, showcasing your brand or perhaps the particular product a user was looking at, to remind them of you and encourage them to come back.

Free Training

Google offers free training courses that anyone can take to learn how to use their platforms. You can become certified in AdWords, Display Advertising, Analytics and more. These courses can help a business owner learn how to maximize their web presence with the tools available to them.

Google Analytics allows you to see which of your traffic sources (paid search, retargeting, etc.) are generating the most “goal completions.” This will help you as a business owner decide the most efficient way to distribute your advertising budget, and teaches you what is working and what isn’t.

Due to my friend’s expertise, a portion of our conversation morphed into a crash course on internet marketing. If I ever start a business or want to market a product, I know where to start and what resources are available to me. I hope these tips assist you in your marketing ventures. Oh! And it doesn’t hurt to have friends who are experts in different subjects!