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Incorporating Healthy Habits

Everyone, at some point, has the desire to be healthier. The difficulty is actually incorporating healthy habits. We want to be thinner, have less stress, and simply perform better. We’re hard wired to want physical, emotional, and mental health. So what can we do to live healthier lives?


Most people have tried to go cold turkey, cutting out carbs, salt, and pretty much everything with flavor. This tactic, as most of us know, leads to being overwhelmed and simply quitting. However, swapping out one meal a day for a healthier option is much more doable. Try swapping out food truck tacos with a salad for lunch. Maybe swap out your apple pie dessert with some baked apple slices and yogurt. Over time, swap out more foods and soon you’ll find yourself with a much healthier diet.

Food isn’t the only thing you can substitute. Try substituting the elevator for stairs. Maybe walk up one or two floors and take the elevator for the rest. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier to incorporate a light fifteen minute workout. Then gradually increase the vigor and duration of your exercise and take the stairs the whole way.


So often, when we think of health we neglect the emotional side of it. Unfortunately, one of the major effects of neglecting our emotional health is stress. This will negatively affect your physical and mental health as well. One easy way to attend to your emotional health is by journaling. Set a time at the end of each day to write down how you felt about your day. Talk about the things that made you feel happy, angry, rejected, or proud. Also, write down things you’re thankful for. Studies have shown that grateful people are happy and satisfied. Try calling a friend once a week and discussing your feelings. It doesn’t have to be a therapist patient relationship. It should simply be conversational but push yourself to be transparent and honest.


Another facet of our health that we neglect is our mental health. Improving your mental health can actually be pretty effortless and fun. You could do crossword puzzles or word searches in the morning while eating breakfast. There are several games you can download to your phone that are designed to increase memory and mental acuity. You can also try doing more mental math instead of automatically reaching for your calculator. Even reading for fifteen to thirty minutes a day can help.

Try incorporating these simple tips for a healthier lifestyle.

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