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Hunter Boots: The Newest Boot Craze for 2017

How amazing are these boots? The first time I laid eyes on a pair of Hunter Boots was back in November. I’d been scrolling through Instagram and came across a photo of a woman wearing these gorgeous purple boots. I couldn’t see what brand they were, but as the month went on, I started to see more and more fashion forward ladies wearing these boots. Overnight it seemed as though everyone had purchased a pair of these boots! Last month, as I was leaving work, a girl walked in wearing a pair of the exact boots I had seen all over Instagram. I was able to get a closer look (in a non-creepy sort of way) and saw that they said HUNTER on the label.

After seeing them up close, I knew I had to find a pair or at least learn more about them and the brand. I went online and googled ‘Hunter boots’ and was able to locate the company’s website. Here are some of the things I discovered about Hunter Boots:

  • Students can receive a 15% discount on merchandise
  • Standard shipping is FREE
  • While Hunter Boots are manufactured overseas, the company itself believes in corporate responsibility and ethical trading
  • The material used to make the boots are sourced ethically and responsibly
    • Note: the material used in the boots comes from a latex plantation, so if you are allergic to latex, it might be a good idea to stay away from these boots

The boots are reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles and color. And for those of us ladies who have larger feet, the boots go up to a size 11 for women. They also have boots for men and children. Because the boots are made of rubber, they appear easy to care for; however, the site does recommend the purchase of the Rubber Buffer and Boot Shine.

Places that you can buy these boots include:

I haven’t bought a pair yet but they are a must have as we transition into spring! Who doesn’t love a pair of fashionable rain boots? Not only are they fashionable, but they can also be styled easily with jeans, leggings, skirts, etc. It’s a universal boot and a fashion staple. For a first person review of Hunter Boots and ways to style them, check out the blog, Cort In Session.

Do you own a pair of Hunter Boots? Thinking about buying a pair? Tell us in the comments below!

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