Human Trafficking is Still Profiting

Human trafficking is a people problem. No one is out of the loop of responsibility. It is common but hidden in our lives by greed. This underground market makes $32 billion a year. With that kind of money, it is easy to hide the truth. However, we still have a chance to shut it down. Victims have put up a fight to make a difference. They risked it all for their freedom. We can use our freedom to help those who cannot fight. Here are ways you can help while learning how and why human trafficking is still profiting.

Human Trafficking Hotline

The Human Trafficking Hotline dedicates to helping end modern-day slavery. The hotline has made a difference. Since 2007, 36,270 cases called into the hotline according to their Annual Report. They want to see numbers in human trafficking reduced. Their mission is to bring traffickers to justice and provide support. Their number is on their website for you to keep on your smartphone. (1-888-373-7888) Their motto: “We’ll Listen. We’ll Help.” They also have free resources and more information. Visit their ‘get involved’ page to lend a helping hand.

Polaris Project

The Polaris Project got its name from the North Star that guided the slaves to freedom. The project supports victims and survivors. However, it also pursues traffickers to end their cruel operations, and their motto is “Freedom happens now.” You can check out their website to see more of their initiatives. One initiative includes assigning temporary visas for those tricked into the country. You can visit their website to find out how you can take action or offer support. Be sure to take advantage of their free resources. You will see how they help and assist with those who are dealing with human trafficking.

Project Act

Project Act by Tearfund works hard to heal our broken world. By spreading compassion and education, they empower and inspire. Their website is full of stories that will inspire you to take action. During one of their operations, they freed over 20 girls from a brothel. However, their work never finishes, and together we must work harder. In this story, only three girls became identified as victims. Others were too fearful to speak. You can read the full story and others on their website. Visit their ‘take action’ page for ways to help and resources to assist.

FBI & United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime

Human trafficking may have a specific image as one thing. However, The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime help better to define it. The UNODC uses three elements to define human trafficking. The act, the means, and the purpose. The act can be similar to smuggling or be recruiting. The means is using threats or abduction. The purpose can be anything from forced labor to any exploitation. The FBI also works at hand to stop trafficking. Their investigations come from citizen calls, hotlines, and recovery operations. You can learn more about the FBI’s initiatives. Also, read the Trafficking Victims Protection Act on their website.

Common Trafficking

Human trafficking is common around the world. It happens in the United States especially. This year in Denver, an FBI sting found eighty-four minors. Among these minors were a 3-month-old and her 5-year-old sister. They caught 120 traffickers. It happens in every state. California, Texas, and Florida were the top three for most calls. You can see more in the National Hotline Annual Report in 2016. You can even find victims working for places like Costco or Walmart as pickers or fishers.

How Human Trafficking Is Still Profiting

Noy Thrupkaew did her research on the Costco and Walmart faults. She found that 68% of trafficking comes from forced labor exploitation. They make and pick our food. They work in construction, fields, military bases, and even hair salons. Those who choose to run may be subject to deportation or abuse from police. However, traffickers do not see too many convictions. In fact, victims and survivors see more convictions than traffickers. Listen to Thrupkaew’s speech on Ted Talks about how some survivors made a difference, and how we can still fight it.